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Thread: Marry Grave

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    Oh boy... spent a good time of the day to finally read this manga after postponing it for weeks and now this shocking news. How can they kick it for just mor ecchi... I wonder if he will wrap up everything in the last 3 chapters or if he hopes to find a new publisher... For the ending: Maybe this Zel will have the missing ingredients and kick the bucket in his fight with the Gorgon...

    Anyone read his other series "Atlantid"? It was also published in Sunday.

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    It's finished. Damn I'm so frustrated.
    Well I hope the author will have a true success one day. He's got talent.

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    It's such a shame that the majority of fantasy mangas that thrive seem to be only isekais and light novels.

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    maybe know that's finished someone can ask the author on twitter what where the plot points he wanted to use, like why were the monsters leaving Deadmen Books behind, and what the cult intended to do with Rosaline.

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    Yep Isekai trend and RPG like game trend is really tiring. I must said I have yet to find one I fully enjoy.

    My guilty pleasure in fantasy title is The Legendary Hero is Dead. At least this one has very low chances to be cancelled

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