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Thread: ONE PIECE Opening 21, SUPER POWERS by V6 (Inuyasha Opening 1) Debuts October 7th

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    Default Re: ONE PIECE Opening 21, SUPER POWERS by V6 (Inuyasha Opening 1) Debuts October 7th

    Animation aside, this opening is actually growing on me a bit after going through it a half dozen times. It's the super engrishy yes-wegut-soopah-powwuhs that rubs me the wrong way more than anything.

    So maybe it's more Hard Knock Days tier.
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    Default Re: ONE PIECE Opening 21, SUPER POWERS by V6 (Inuyasha Opening 1) Debuts October 7th

    I would put it a bit over "Hard Knock Days" just because there's not quite as much auto-tune. The song's cheesy but really, what One Piece opening isn't and the footage and chorus are upbeat and energetic enough that I'm fine with listening to them. It's not like a number of the earlier openings that had very limited and uncreative animation like "Crazy Rainbow" and "We Are! ~10th Anniversary Edition~".

    For me I guess the worst part of the opening is the final chunk where they have attack montages from the absent Straw Hats just because it's out of place and aside from Zoro's animated super stiffly. I would've been fine if they had just put more preview stuff from the arc in there instead. Speaking of, I wonder what's going to eventually replace the Vinsmoke stock footage more Luffy vs. Katakuri would be kinda redundant and almost fifteen seconds is pretty lengthy as far as anime openings go.
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    Default Re: ONE PIECE Opening 21, SUPER POWERS by V6 (Inuyasha Opening 1) Debuts October 7th

    Quote Originally Posted by dropper View Post
    I think you're being too harsh on the opening (comparing this to AMV editing, really?). There are so many amazing animated scenes, it also sets the frantic pace against the odds during the rest of this arc. I don't know what else people expected.
    The new opening also used a lot of cool transitions between cuts, also features some of the best animation for each strawhat against any opening. The only parts that actually sucked was the last 25 seconds and some of the still shots.
    SUPER POWERS is similar to Hard Knock days, where they used it to represent the rest of the arc, except this is so much better.
    Anyone saying that this openings gives all the spoilers away: they can't remember all of the arc, the opening only teases and the rest is left to the viewers to imagine.

    You know I think the opening will change after rev, a one chapter one episode ratio lines up with the beginning of Wano, with the new opening highlighting scenes from rev.

    Would you rather we went back to this garbage?

    That lasted 22 episodes. You should really not try to back an argument with an opening that is 1) Obviously going to inferior than the original because it is a cover song. 2) Obviously used for nostalgia and anniversary(10 way mark) 3) is actually not that bad and have some original visuals.

    The cool transitions you are talking about, I don't get it...? It doesn't feel cool to me, it just feels new. So yes, that's creative and new to use in an OP opening but new does not equate to good? Most of them feel out of place and out of tone with the song. How is carrot turning transiting into a frame of the SHs cool? Why did the Katakuri and Luffy fight need to abruptly interrupt every now and then?
    But you can argue it's so new! Except that there are way better transitions used in other anime openings that are breaking traditions.
    Look, I get that we have a low benchmark for One Piece Openings but that doesn't mean I can't point and compare how shit it is.
    How...does this feature some of the best animations for the Straw Hats in an opening? Literally, the only other straw hats not in this arc were doing was posing and all they did was do one action pose/animation. I mean if you are saying that this is one of the best Luffy animations in an opening maybe I'll get your drift.
    The colour palette was all over the place. Hope was consistent. I'm not even talking about the song.
    The directing is bad, there's no consistency and the hype generated feels lackluster.

    And HARD KNOCK DAYS was actually pretty good with that badass intro and starting with a bang.
    A beautiful consistent palette, a flow that is not outrageous, nice straw hat animations with a close that creates excitement.
    Not one of the best but compared to SUPER POWERS. I can't see any fight.
    The only thing that this opening wins is that it feels in place, like it showcases this part of the arc but jesus christ, that is literally how to anime opening 101.

    I know I'm coming off like some kind of..i have no idea but I just want to say that this is going to be endless. One song can reasonate in dozens but fail to make another group feel anything.
    Generally speaking, it's all subjective.
    It's just maybe HOPE was too strong of an opening and this 21 feels like someone just went into the animation room and told them
    hey we're getting a new op so since you are drawing that Katakuri fight scenes, maybe draw some original frames or whatever oh and re use but tweak those germa bits a little.
    The rest we can just use screenshoots for what we've already done.
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    Default Re: ONE PIECE Opening 21, SUPER POWERS by V6 (Inuyasha Opening 1) Debuts October 7th

    Quote Originally Posted by FelRes View Post
    lol Chopper vs Big Mom, Toei has one hell of a vision

    This opening feels on par with the likes of We Can (ie, one of the worst openings)
    We can is catchy at least. The visualsare pretty decent actually but the song is the most generic, least inspired, soulless OP that I've ever heard. It could ruin any other song equally because it's made to fit nothing.
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    Default Re: ONE PIECE Opening 21, SUPER POWERS by V6 (Inuyasha Opening 1) Debuts October 7th

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    Default Re: ONE PIECE Opening 21, SUPER POWERS by V6 (Inuyasha Opening 1) Debuts October 7th

    I hated it the first time, but after listening to it only two or three more times I love the song.

    The animation's pretty mediocre and I hope the opening doesn't last longer than 13 episodes.

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