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Thread: Chapter 957: ULTIMATE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny B. Decent View Post
    I was looking at the Timeline thread in General, and if I read it right, she retired about 3 or so years before Rocks died.

    Vikings loved them some battle axes. And Elbaf is literally Giant Vikings. :P
    I've certainly seen theories based on less.

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    Sorry for late reply in this thread.

    I just want to share what I realized when watching the East Blue Saga and that is Rocks Pirates (including Yonko) are parallel to Buggy Pirates.

    Big Mom - Alvida.
    Kaido - Mohji the beast trainer.
    Shiki the Golden Lion - Lion pet
    Whitebeard - Mr. 3 white and his fire (ace)
    Shanks - Cabaji (swordsman and left eye)
    Captain John - The treasure Buggy got from Luffy

    You can watch my whole theory and explanation here including BLACKBEARD! Oda is so Genius!


    Let me know what you think guys!
    The Buggy Pirates are parallel to Rocks Pirates. Oda is G!

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    Thanks! When I saw Alvida's club I remembered Kaido's club and that's when it hit me so I started to dig more. And boom! Oda is really good at these kind of things.
    The Buggy Pirates are parallel to Rocks Pirates. Oda is G!

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