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Thread: The history of Arlong Park Forums

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    Default The history of Arlong Park Forums

    I didn't know in which section I shoul create this thread, since the subsections of the "Arlong Park" section didn't really fit. I sometimes read older chapter threads just to see what people were discussing/thinking back then and I recently went back to the very first chapter threads of this forum, back in 2005, when One Piece was in the middle of Frankys flashback on Water 7. Some of the stuff people were considering back then is pretty funny in hindsight, like discussing if Whitebeard could stand a chance against Lucci and seriously expecting One Piece to end around Volume 45 (Not even close guys, not even close). But what got me was that users back then mentioned the former forum and a temp forum etc. Now I've been actually around for quite some time. I've been reading this forum much longer than I've been an actual member, since around 2007 and got to see a lot of awesome stuff going on on these forums (god, how much fun some of these character tournaments were back then. People poured so much work and creativity into their campaigns, it was beautiful). But the fact is, I feel like I've still missed a lot of the history of this forum. I would love it if some of the old-timers could answer some of my questions. When did the first Arlong Park forum start up? Which chapter was the first one that was discussed on here? How were the users and atmosphere back then? Why did they have to change forums? etc. etc. Even though due to Reddit and Youtube, a forum like this isn't nearly as active anymore as it used to be, it has been a big part of my life for more than ten years now and has seen some very exciting and tumultuous times. I'm very interested in learning more about this awesome place.

    If anybody is a more recent member that also wants to learn more about Arlong Park history and ask questions, feel free to do so.

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    Default Re: The history of Arlong Park Forums

    I only joined after the move to the new forum but I remember visiting the main site (Don't know if there's still a main site) before that. I wonder if you could pull the old site up on Archive.org or something. I mostly remember the humor threads since I wasn't caught up on the manga for a little bit. But there was stuff like that Enel on the moon comic that I think I was reading as the people were drawing it. It's kind of sad going into older threads and seeing how many people used to be regulars that don't post anymore.

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    Default Re: The history of Arlong Park Forums

    I started lurking as a guest back in 2005. The biggest difference is 15 years in the atmosphere. Back then, there was a lot more machismo. You were more likely to see a big outcry from a couple members if Usopp was afraid of something or if anything 'emo' happened, in One Piece or anything else. I remember this culminating in a pages-long argument in a chapter thread about whether or not Mace Windu's lightsaber was purple - because purple wasn't a manly color.

    Place has really mellowed out since then.

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    Default Re: The history of Arlong Park Forums

    I remember posting a little and lurking on the old board, but back then we still had a Swedish language board i used to frequent so i wasn't really a full on regular. But as i recall there was a crash and a server migration to the current platform. As for how this board was back then, it was a shit posting central in the vein of Oro Jackson or Worst Gen. Lots of Mihawk wanking, insightful threads like could Mihawk beat Kenshin or could Mihawk beat Kenshins teacher got like 30 pages. In general people just posted more, like stream of conciousness posting and virtually any topic took off once started. And lots of those "tough" guys Hide mentioned. Things have changed quite a bit since then

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