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  • Yamato

    148 48.37%
  • Shinobu

    1 0.33%
  • An Akazaya Samurai (Kin'emon, Kiku, etc.)

    1 0.33%
  • Momo

    8 2.61%
  • Tama

    8 2.61%
  • Carrot

    61 19.93%
  • A Supernova (Law, Drake, Bonney, etc.)

    7 2.29%
  • Caribou

    5 1.63%
  • Other

    23 7.52%
  • None: Jinbe is the final Straw Hat

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Thread: Next Straw Hat Crewmates (Vol. 8 - Onigashima)

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    Default Re: Next Straw Hat Crewmates (Vol. 8 - Onigashima)

    Quote Originally Posted by Solid View Post

    Thanks scotch!

    Tama with the strawhats in a new commercial.
    Note that its a whole campaign and other materials related to it also have characters like Zeff, Big Mom, Aokiji, and the dwarves in it.

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    Official chapter discussions now start Sundays at Noon, EST.
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    Default Re: Next Straw Hat Crewmates (Vol. 8 - Onigashima)

    Who is that in the background on the horse?
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    Default Re: Next Straw Hat Crewmates (Vol. 8 - Onigashima)

    Looks like Cavendish.

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    Default Re: Next Straw Hat Crewmates (Vol. 8 - Onigashima)

    Even freaking Wanze is there (between Zoro and Franky, in the background).
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    Default Re: Next Straw Hat Crewmates (Vol. 8 - Onigashima)

    I love that Zoro is going the wrong way.

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