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Thread: Naruto Thread XII: This really has to be the final Naruto thread, right?

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    Default Re: Naruto Thread XII: This really has to be the final Naruto thread, right?

    So, this was mostly about getting rid of the Rinngan and Kurama. Nice. I finally got what I needed as to why Boruto and Kawaki were at odds in the end. Both are willing to do anything to destroy Karma. After putting their lives on the line here, Kawaki would hate if Boruto wavered in his determination. Sasuke peeped it as Kawaki was talking.

    I knew it felt weird during the traitor search in the anime. They kept highlighting Code more than usual compared to his smaller amount of dialogue in the earlier chapters. Now this chapter drops with him on the cover and I was fully prepared for him to be part of it. He kept being annoying about loyalty in the anime and now he's obviously an Isshiki fanboy

    Mugino and Victor felt so random in the manga and the anime fixed that. Mugino was done better tho. Ties to Hiruzen are just more effective, he's a legend. He's always picking up stragglers with potential. It's definitely why he struggled to kill Orochimaru. It's like WB and his sons.

    Delta and Coda will have to start recruiting more. Kishimoto's obsession with science fiction, mecha, space whatever will keep getting weirder.

    Hopefully the other teams get to exist since most of this was about getting rid of Naruto and Sasuke's trump cards and Isshiki. Sumire was mindful of Amado. Maybe he becomes some sort of mentor for her. So far, team 10 is the only one that fully exist in the manga. Team 15 partially lives there through Sumire. Teams 5 is represented by Metal who barely exist. Denki and Iwabe will be easy to transition into the manga. Denki is into that tech shit. Him and Sumire should be key to dealing with the new Otsutsuki tech. Mentally preparing myself for team 25 and team 40 to not appear at all. Hinata's only purpose in Narutto was to give birth to the spinoff. Can't put faith in Kishi

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    Default Re: Naruto Thread XII: This really has to be the final Naruto thread, right?

    Did you guys see that the guy who did the animation for the Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki fight also did another awesome anime fight recently? I'll post them both here

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