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Thread: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

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    Red face Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    I guess we know who the better bird is. Does marco even need help at this point to beat the calamities or he solos.

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    What if the calamities are not meant to be defeated? Could play out as they get stalled to the point where they see both the flying six and emperors fall before their eyes. As well as seeing yamato in the stawhats camp...but i am enjoying this war. One piece has not let me down this far.

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    I had a super cool dream of Luffy and others fighting Big Mom and Kaido along the coast. It ended with Luffy stopping, forfeiting saying he's gone as far as he can, and falling into the ocean to die, and Kaido saved him while BM was like wtf. Was intense.

    Cool chapter. Saw the scans, waited for official to read. More hyped to learn what Luffy's dream is. Also hyped for the fight to start, mainly so it can finish. I never really enjoy the final fights in big arcs, they drag on and I'm more interested in the dialogue and aftermath of it.
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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Would be cool if after Luffy "wins" in whatever capacity, he repeats what he told Sabo and Ace, to Linlin and Kaido. I would love to see their reaction compared to how WB and Oden reacted to Roger. They might even see a little bit of why they chose to partner up with Xebec.

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    So, a couple of things, straight from the spoiler thread:

    That was one meaningful punch. As Robby so wisely put: it was Luffy's Goku moment. Oda chose chapter 1000 to pay ultimate respect to his favorite author. That means something.

    Also: He is officially now ready to meet with Shanks. Luffy is now in the same league (maybe not the same level) with him. He declared war to a two Yonkous and punched Kaido, fucking Kaido, to the ground.

    That was awesome. And huge. And smart.
    This chapter was a celebration of Luffy, our main character, and it was perfect.

    Here's my guess for what Luffy said:

    "I want to throw a party to a whole world" or something like that.

    10/10 chapter, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Secrets and deeper lore can wait.

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Quote Originally Posted by Joy Boy View Post
    Yeah because that's the only thing I said. Luffy still clowned Kaido.
    I just wish you could remember Kaido likes to take hits on purpose everytime you wrote a post...

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Quote Originally Posted by G_soildier View Post
    What if the calamities are not meant to be defeated?
    They've been part of the suffering, famine and dictatorship, they'te totally going down.

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    I really like the bond between Yamato and Ace. And him making Ace a vivre card so they can meet again. I wasnt a fan of the insertion of Ace but the interaction are providing me some good enjoyment. Also while in the spoiler thread the reference to Luffy dream felt like unnecesary teasing I thought it few naturally there.

    The Supernovas look good in that double spread. Except for for Killer. His shirt sucks. ALso Big Mom has a better villain shadow profile then Kaido.

    How easy everyone is suddenly on the roof really highlight how bs the running was until now. KIdd and Killer seems to have had no problem getting there. Law suddenly abandoned his road stone stone search to be here and now suddenly Luffy has clean open path to the roof.

    I like the punch and declaration. But I think it it would have been better if Kinemon and the others where in front of Kaido instead of behind him. It felt odd how they just let him pass.

    I wonder if this 5 v 2 is our final match up or if others will show. It feels pretty final. We got Law for Support. Killer and Zoro for slashing. Luffy and and Kidd for big punching.

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    I've started reading One Piece in batches, so I actually read ch. 993 - 1000 for the first time all at once. This was an amazing way to end these chapters and a fitting chapter 1000, and I love the title "Straw Hat Luffy". Thoughts:
    • I can't wait until Momo reads Oden's journal. I wonder how it will change him.
    • What if Roger and Luffy's dream was to go to the moon? It'd be funny if Eneru accomplished it before Luffy did.
    • Ace says he wants to grab a drink with that "great man" and Luffy together. I'm still of the opinion that Luffy is a clone of Roger... so Ace wanted a drink with his family. Brothers and their father.
    • So Yamato gave Ace the Vivre Card he gave Luffy... interesting. Yamato is a shoe-in for a crewmate.
    • We've got a real battle here now, folks. All MVPs.
      • Are Zoro and Law glancing at each other? I wonder if Zoro is suspicious of Law.
      • Law's face is mighty ominous when he transports Kin'emon and folks down below.
    • Did Luffy walk right past Big Mom and Kaido? Or did he move so fast it seemed like he teleported?
    • Fire Haki (Flames) has to be a thing. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji all use it. So do Kaido, Kin'emon, Katakuri, Doflamingo... but what's the explanation for it?
    Anyways, see you all around Ch. 1010!

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    We finally reach the chapter 1000 milestone! It's been worth it to remain unspoiled.

    Looking back, I've been following One Piece for most of my life now. When I was little, I sometimes caught the show on 4Kids, and I loved playing Grand Adventure on the PS2. I even tried to create a fan club in my village (I still keep my membership card, lol). I was also only aware of the anime and I thought the manga chapters were fanmade when I checked the net for info and I saw some websites publishing the RAWs. I finally caught up with the manga much later, at the beginning of Fishman Island, and I remember looking forward to the moment we finally reached the 4 digits, and wondering where the story would be at that moment. It's going to feel very weird not having chapter to look up to (almost) every week, I feel sad knowing the end is now in sight.

    Anyways, I hope all of us here continue enjoying this masterpiece for long. Cheers!

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Chapter 1000. Wow. I don't think there's likely to be another manga with the ambition to make it this far anytime soon, and I doubt there'll be another that catches my attention the same way. It's no exaggeration to say One Piece has to be one of the most ambitious works of fiction ever created in terms of scale. I never would have thought when I was a little kid finding the 4kids pirate rap actually kinda catchy that the dumb cartoon I was looking at then would become important to me in ways I would struggle to fully articulate, but here we are.

    Let's talk about the big multiple-of-a-hundred event. Some were expecting a big lore reveal, the One Piece, the Dawn, the Will of the D and so on. I've cautioned lower expectations than that for weeks, but I'll admit Oda managed to get my hopes up a little for the Will of the D. Maybe we'll get it at the end of the arc. But even though the start of the battle with Kaido and Big Mom is smaller scale than that, it's still an absolutely momentous development. Look at how many years of setup have gone into this moment: It was first revealed that Luffy and Law would be targeting Kaido in chapter 696, released in January 2013, eight years ago. But Kaido isn't the only factor here. Luffy first invoked the wrath of Big Mom in chapter 651, which was released on January 4 2012, nine years ago to the day. Oda's been building to this battle (and I've been waiting for it) for almost my whole adult life. Let's not undersell the importance of it finally starting.

    What else can you say about this chapter? It's good to see the Minks are still in the battle to at least a small degree. They have as much reason to want to see Kaido fall as anyone, and we'll likely see a lot more moments like Shishilian's tears when the deed is done.

    Queen being a cyborg, or, more of one that initally expected is an odd surprise, but it does explain the gun from the last chapter. I feel like it would take a bout with either Franky or Sanji for the techology inside him to be fully explained. Shame those two are both otherwise occupied for the moment.

    Yamato says someone inside the castle must have saved Oden's journal. This seems like one of those things that's either going to be a big deal at the end of the arc, when someone we didn't expect to be that close to Oden reveals they did it and explains some otherstuff (Hitetsu maybe?) or something utterly mundane like Kawamatsu or Hyori tried to save it but it slipped out of their pocket in the river.

    More talk about Luffy's real dream here, but still nothing substantial enough to guess what it actually is. The phrasing "at the end of his dream" sends my mind racing, but it feels like the kind of hint that's only going to make sense in retrospect (or could only be translated in a way that gives a proper hint by someone who actually knows what the answer is). Also I don't think that spit of rock Yamato and Ace are drinking on in the flashback actually fits anywhere in the Onigashima establishing shot, but let's be real, there are more than enough people around who could have demolished it if they didn't want it there anymore.

    Glad Kin is still holding on. Wonder if any other Scabbards are going to turn up with lost limbs, or even if anyone's going to turn out to be beyond saving.

    God, that final attack is satisfying. I know they won't all land that easy, but right now I just want more of that. I actually peeked the spoilers for this one, given the length of the wait for it and saw when the attack name was originally understood as Red Rock, which I actually really liked the potential of. Pre-timeskip, Luffy named his attacks after pistols, bullets, bazookas and other weapons he would have seen hanging around pirates as a kid. Post-timeskip, it was animals he trained with. I actually liked the idea of the mid-Wano training being important enough that he decided to draw from the quarry he did it in, and that we might see Gum Gum Pickaxes or Gum Gum Menhirs or who knows what else throughout the fight. But, no, Roc was probably the best choice for this one. A mythical bird for fighting legendary opponents.

    Next chapter (another two painful weeks from now) the real battle starts. I can't see either side of this face-off having particularly good personal synergy, so the safest prediction is chaos and bickering across every front, in and out of both teams. It's been a pleasure making it through 1000 chapters with you all, here's to at least a couple hundred more.

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Oh man waiting two weeks for the next chapter is gonna be rough

    especially where it ended

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiebs View Post
    Oh man waiting two weeks for the next chapter is gonna be rough

    especially where it ended
    Its plenty of time to reread, rewatch previous arcs, or check out some other series.

    I'm updating myself on OPM in the meantime.

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Quote Originally Posted by Monquito View Post
    Its plenty of time to reread, rewatch previous arcs, or check out some other series.

    I'm updating myself on OPM in the meantime.
    Any series you would recomend

    I just caught up with Record of Ragnarok and Jujutsu Kaisen and I'm currently going back and forth watching Fire Force, Haikyu and Trigun (and thinking about No Game No Life and Re Zero) but I'm always looking for new ideas on what to watch

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Highly rate this chapter , I had expectation of revealation on Rox or will of D looks like another postpone event we will eventually find out . Its interesting to note 5 of the members were previously on sabody as well fighting Kizaru and lost badly so this time they look far more than novice against Yonko .

    Also thanks to Sandman the translation on red roc and Oa always refer his old manga point to point , Luffy 's upgrade on red hawk and his advanced Ryou will be put into test . However i am not sure how SN will counteract against Big mom . Oden's chunk in the prophecy is the 2nd Yonko this will really change evrything that was foretold and prophecy will eventually not fullfill but time and again this manga exhibits the story setting is more about Luffy's view of the world rather than some ancient prophecy .

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Me and Robocco chapter made a big hommage to Oda this week ( it's a parodie gag serie that is currently serializing in shonen jump)


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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy


    What a great journey it has been. I'm so glad I made it. A big thank you for Oda, his assistants, and his editors for providing us great story, characters, and content for more than 20 years. Simply a stunning achievement.


    Chapter 1000 is not only a huge milestone, but also the chapter where we finally see the Akazaya Samurai laid completely defeated and helpless by the hand of Kaidou. And so this chapter serves as the PERFECT opportunity to take a short trip down the memory lane of one of our dearest and most passionate members of Arlong Park forums who, for whatever reason (hmm, I wonder what it could be), has not been posting lately. This is quite the teachable moment for readers about making predictions. Let us proceed~

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTnaig View Post
    It's going to be hilarious when Kaido is near death from the scabbards and needs to get rescued by Big Mom and all the people who said Kaido was going to demolish them is suddenly going to be like "Oh I always knew he wasn't going to beat them I was just joking when I said that lul"

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTnaig View Post
    993: things get worse

    next chapter the scabbards are totally going to get wrecked you guys

    believe it

    you heard it here first folks

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTnaig View Post
    Kaido spent the entire chapter getting destroyed and shitting his pants out of fear but apparently he was just "surprised" and "tanked" those attacks.

    Haha ok

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTnaig View Post
    Kaido is not going to beat the scabbards not now not ever. He is weak and will continue to get beat up don't be surprised if he gets his arms cut off by Kiku

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTnaig View Post
    No one here is ever going to admit that Kaido is a weak jobber.

    Gaimon could show up next chapter and one shot Kaido and there will still be comments about how this actually makes Kaido look stronger and that they're "satisfied" with the outcome.

    You can't get someone who thinks one piece is a perfect work of fiction to ever admit a flaw or say something negative about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTnaig View Post
    Scabbards aren't getting crushed.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTnaig View Post
    Kaido will return to his "human" form and try the thunder bagua attack only for it to get easily blocked or someone will knock his club out of his hand.

    He will then continue to get beat up.


    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTnaig View Post
    Scabbards are going to beat him because Kaido is a weak jobber. The idea that he is going to get up next chapter be like "Heh...I've only been using 1% of my power!!!Time to get serious!!!" and then start taking them out is nonsense fanfiction to try and excuse Kaido's horrible portrayal.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTnaig View Post
    *next chapter kaido gets beat up again*

    Scabbards are like admirals! What would Luffy do faced with 9 Akainus ?

    *994 Kaido gets beat up again"

    Scabbards are like Roger! What would Luffy do faced with 9 Whitebeards ?

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTnaig View Post
    You're one to talk. Every week you've been going off about how Kaido is going to beat them and THIS WEEK the villains will turn things around. What was that famous saying about glass houses?

    And most of the quotes above are only from chapter 992 threads, I'm sure there is way more.
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTnaig View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by All Fiction View Post
    John, you're actually believing that Kaidou will be defeated by side characters WITHOUT Luffy's involvement whatsoever. Tell me how that is consistent with how One Piece arcs had been told.

    Seriously here, John. Are you even gonna own up to all your past posts when (in your terms, "if") Kaidou makes a come back?
    Yes actually I will unlike a lot of other people who just ignore their past failed predictions. If and that is a very, VERY big IF Kaido actually does snap and take them out like a boss then yes I will admit I was wrong.

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Where do powerscalers always get this infinite confidence from?

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Quote Originally Posted by DarthAsthma View Post
    Where do powerscalers always get this infinite confidence from?
    This whole thing so weird cause power scalers or not some of this stuff so easy to see.
    The good guys will get there time and then the bad guys etc etc
    Same thing will happen again , so it weird to see some people can't see it when it happens in so many forms of fiction not even shonen only .
    TLG , FFVIIR and Shenmue 3 2015 the E3 of dreams .

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Don't know if it's been said already but could Big Moms shocked face on the last page not be because of the punch Luffy delivered on Kaido but because the silhoutte of Luffy holding his hat reminds her of Roger? I mean the time Rox was still a thing was long before Shanks was with the crew so technically Roger should still have been the owner of the strawhat back when they were a rival crew to the Roger pirates. Anyways, just a thought.

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    Default Re: Chapter 1,000: Straw Hat Luffy

    Sanji cutting dragon fish with sword. Are oda and that food wars mangaka trolling or random coincidence with dragon fish kaidou.

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