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Thread: Problems posting in forum.

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    If you are currently a member, and are having trouble posting due to a post flooding error, please respond to aftershock's topic on the main site. ^^

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    I don't think my post count is going up properly... who should I talk to about that?
    hirako shinji. the dork that pwns you.

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    I noticed that too. Sometimes when I post, it doesn't seem to count it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Franky
    Bad move, bub!

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    I think it s only in the general discussion forum. Your post doesn t count there so that members won t spam =]

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    MWAHAHAHAHA. i like that: no post count on general discussion.

    post count should be taken out completely anyway, we get members who post random crap just so they can get it up.

    in a way, they're like pirates; they do obnoxious things so they get their bounty up...

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    Every other time a I click a link on this forum to a topic or something it takes me to this instafinder search engine (including this thread....had to open it in a new window).

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    I think that's spyware. Scan with a good spyware detector, such as spybot or ad-aware.

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