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Thread: South Park

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobodyman View Post
    This continues to be a debated topic with no definitive answer. I don't think any reasonable person would argue that a movie or TV show about serial killers makes one a serial killers, but one could argue that the media we consume shapes our view of the world. For a quick test, close your eyes and imagine a French person. If you imagined a person in a beret, maybe with a moustache, striped shirt, and a baguette, then I think you may see my point. And, by that same token, could shape our views about ethics, morality, and philosophy, or at the very least reinforce them.
    Sure but none of those things can be defined by one show.

    For example, your example of a french person only happens when someone has consumed several pieces of media that depict French people in such a way.

    So we can't blame one show for shaping the minds of people. It would be a different argument if it was the entire industry being criticized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevo_koma View Post
    Sure but none of those things can be defined by one show.
    Ah, but if its one of the only shows you watch, and you see it every night in reruns, for literal decades, then it IS going to have an effect on you. You're going to think thats one of the only kinds of comedy around, those opinions and viewpoints are going to be ones you hear regularly. If the shows you watch only have a certain ethnicity in them and you never see any gay relationships, those things become alien to you. And if you're not getting anything else, it *seems* smart to you so you mimick those opinions because the sart guy that understands the world says it, so they must be right....

    Keeping to the SP example, on the same channel it was followed by the Daily Show and Colbert Report for ages. The Colbert Report ran for almost a decade, and there are a lot of people that thought Colbert's *character* was completely real and didn't understand that he was a *parody*. But still thought he was smart and knew what he was talking about, and missed the satire of it all. Because they just didn't know any better and that's all they knew.
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    We really need a few studies or some statistics before we can properly debate whether or not claiming the show damaged our society is a ridiculous idea.

    As it stands now, the article is just another Jack Thompson vs video game violence campaign.

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    Feels like an easy out for deeper issues. I'd argue that American society has far more relevant institutions who had an active hand in creating jaded uncaring people. Like the douche and a turd thing, doesn't it feel more reasonable to assume that the broken nature of the US election makes the (atleast perceived to be) locked out people disillusioned and apathetic toward voting or is it more reasonable to attribute it to that a dick and fart show once made that joke?

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    South Park has taught me one very important lesson. I don't know if it was the intention of Stone and Parker to teach anyone any lesson with this episode but teach me it did. It's the Go God Go duology and it taught me to importance of not seeing everything in black and white, and it taught me at a point when I looked at everything that way.

    If you need a refresher on Go God Go, Cartman travels to the future where the world is ruled by atheism as a pure, logical, perfect place free of religion and all the wars it causes. War quickly breaks out between various factions over the most logical way to solve the world's problems.

    After reading everyone's posts, in hindsight, I can see a nihilistic slant to it. That 'both sides suck, it doesn't matter' vibe is there for sure. But what I got out of it was that the right solution isn't exclusively whatever opposes a problem. What I got from it was that thought, attention, and time are what's needed to find the right solution to a problem, not throwing yourself blindly to an opposing cause with zealotry.

    Whether or not South Park has destroyed our society, I don't know. But I can say it has influence on people. I can say it made me less simple-minded. I can also say it's made people pretentiously apathetic. Everyone here has met at least one person with a dead Kenny tee who had to loudly announce that both candidates in an election are the same.

    I think tv can influence us and influence us greatly. It can shape every believe we have. It all comes down to how cool or admirable the characters with the opinions are portrayed as. To build off of nobodyman's examples about serial killer shows not making people serial killers - most serial killer shows would make the killer morally conflicted about their killings or make them a problem for ordinary people (i.e. the demographs that make up the viewers), so if the killer has a philosophy or opinion, it's the fact that the killer has given themselves a self-made problem or that the killer opposes the people watching that could make his opinions seem wrong. Whereas with South Park, it's a horrible yet realistic world where most people are cartoon characters and the kids who champion the creator's thoughts are sane, smart, and humane. There's also the fact that even really impressible people understand the basic morality that killing is wrong, whereas whether or not an issue is even worth discussing doesn't conflict with any basic morality and could be much more influential.

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    I'll never forget the episode where they went all out against home shopping networks.



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    I tend to believe media has a part of shaping how you view the world. Not the only part, theirs also your neighbourhood , education, family and friends etc... But I tend to believe pretty much everything you interact with have an influence and tv takes a decent chunk of time of most modern people.

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    Because they can't wait for the next season:

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    of course Randy would try to cash in on the pandemic. of course Cartman would take advantage of this by not going to school
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