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Thread: Translation: 415 - Murasaki

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    Default Translation: 415 - Murasaki

    Well, when I translated this there hadn't been any other posted yet, and since I got it all done I figured I might as well post it. XD So here it is, another translation to chapter 415: Heat Up. (page numbers are the page number in the file name in the folder, I'm too lazy to figure out what actual number they should be. :P )
    ((Haha, and I just now saw the sticky topic "Read this Before Posting"... *headdesk* So, yeah, sorry 'bout the topic title being wrong. ^^;;;;; ))
    (((...And now I edited it to add some actual, you know, grammar, in some of the sentences. XD)))

    Please ask if you want to use this for a scanlation.

    "Heat Up"


    Jyabura: Guh...
    Sanji: Robin-chan...is your little sister?
    Sanji: Idiot... Tell a more believable lie!!


    Jyabura: Ku...
    Jyabura: Ha... ha...
    Sanji: So did you feel it, ookami-kun? ((ookami = wolf))
    Jyabura: You bastard, the key!!
    Sanji: Didn't you give it to me?
    Jyabura: Damn you...
    Sanji: Bye!
    Jyabura: WAIT!!
    Jyabura: Soru!


    Jyabura: Gwoh!!
    Sanji: Party Table...
    Jyabura: Tekkai Kenpo!


    Jyabura: Hm?
    Sanji: Ciusseau Shoot!! ((thigh))
    Jyabura: Ah!
    Sanji: Brochette!! ((skewer))


    Jyabura: Tekkai Kenpo "Rouba no Kamae" ((tekkai kenpo "wolf-banana stance"))
    Jyabura: Roukaru Area Network!! ((wolf-hunt area network, (and a pun, "local area network")))


    Sanji: Woah! A cutting attack?!
    Jyabura: Tekkai Kenpo
    Jyabura: "Don Boh Rou"!! ((important wolf step))


    Jyabura: Gyahahaha!!
    Jyabura: Geppou!
    Sanji: Ku...
    Sanji: Ha... ha...
    Jyabura: Rankyaku...
    Jyabura: "Lupus Four"!!


    Sanji: Uwa!!
    Jyabura: *howl*
    Jyabura: Gyahahahahaha!!
    Jyabura: It's stupid to think you can steal my key and get away!
    Jyabura: I'm a wolf! I'll chase you 'till I eat you!!


    Sanji: I'm not gonna run...
    Jyabura: What, he was alive?
    Sanji: I'm not gonna get killed...
    Sanji: I'm not gonna forgive you!
    Jyabura: Forgive me? Gyahahahaha!
    Jyabura: Is it 'cuz of Nico Robin?
    Jyabura: If you don't stay focused in battle you're just leaving yourself open!
    Jyabura: If you have the time to be worried about that kinda stupid, unlucky woman...
    Jyabura: You should think of a way to escape your certain death here!
    Sanji: Watch your mouth... When I'm angry... I'll heat up...
    Jyabura: If you're like that, you don't have a chance!
    Jyabura: The attacks already affected you!


    Jyabura: Tekkai Kenpo "Maten Rou"!! (tekkai kenpo "devil heaven wolf")
    Jyabura: *growl*
    Sanji: Uwa!
    Sanji: *cough*
    Jyabura: Gyahahaha!!
    Sanji: Now's the time for you to be laughing...


    Jyabura: Hm?
    Jyabura: I dunno why you're spinning around like that...
    Jyabura: What? His leg is red...!!
    Sanji: Diable Jump (devil jump)
    Sanji: A leg reddened with heat, at the speed of an attack...
    Jyabura: Light?!


    Jyabura: Hot!!
    Sanji: The destructive power...
    Sanji: Is like that of a demon...
    Jyabura: Gwaah!!


    Jyabura: HOT!!!!!!
    Jyabura: Ah!!
    Jyabura: I'm burnt!! Even my bones are hot!! I messed up!
    Jyabura: Tekkai didn't even work...
    Jyabura: What the hell's up with these kicks?!


    Jyabura: Huh? Idiot, when you're fighting a rokushiki user...
    Jyabura: Jumping through the air is pointless!!
    Sanji: Diable Jump...
    Sanji: Premier Haché (first-rate mincemeat)
    Jyabura: Geppou!!
    Jyabura: Ha... Gyahaha, idiot!!
    Jyabura: You're a stupid idiot!!
    Jyabura: Getting caught up in the fight just makes the match end faster!!
    Jyabura: I win!!


    Jyabura: Take this! Gekkou Jusshigan!! (moon light ten shigan)
    Sanji: Ku...
    Jyabura: Hn?
    Jyabura: *growl*
    Jyabura: Uhahaha! You knocked away one of my hands?
    Jyabura: Too bad, if you'd gotten in another kick you could've deflected all the shigan!
    Sanji: I had no choice...
    Sanji: 'Cuz the other kick... is the final blow!!
    Sanji: Diable Jump...
    Jyabura: Eh? W-wait!!


    Sanji: Flambage...
    Sanji: Shot!!!

    ((...I hope Jyabura at least has a couple more pages, he's my favorite CP9 member... T_T))
    Last edited by Murasaki; June 16th, 2006 at 06:28 AM.

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    Default Re: Chapter 415 Translation

    Thank you Murasaki for the translation ^^;

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    Default Re: Chapter 415 Translation

    Thank you for this translation. This was such an incredible chapter.

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    Default Re: Chapter 415 Translation

    Thanks for the translation ^^

    There's nothing wrong with a little ownage...

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    Default Re: Chapter 415 Translation

    Thanks for the translation! ^_^

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