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Thread: Japanese language

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolio View Post

    I don't know much about Hokuto no Ken but I'm not sure Meito refers to anything specific. The "mei" is a kind of obscure kanji meaning "darkness." The "to" is the same one from "Hokuto." Hokuto is the big dipper constellation, and "to" is the dipper part (used to measure liquids etc). I'm not sure "Dark dipper" is exactly what they're going for; maybe it's a play on words/themes or maybe in Chinese it's something?

    Kieiken is demon (oni) + shadow + fist. All together it'd be Dark Dipper Demon Shadow Fist.
    After doing some research, it seems "Mei" refers to darkness like in the sense of the underworld/Hades. So, I would guess that it's supposed to be like the evil version of the Big Dipper, I suppose?

    But yeah, that sounds about right. Thank you so much, Foolio. :)

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    It can mean darkness in the sense of death or the underworld, but it also just means plain old dark. No worries though.

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