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Thread: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    1;The amount of fanservice in the anime are getting bigger....
    I don't think fanservice have that much portion to OP's appeal. Of the whole manga chapters up until now, I only recall two nudity jokes; when Mr.2 immitate Nami's body and in the Alabasta bath-house. And none were intended to sexual situations but bleeding noses. Nami wears short skirt ever since the beginning, so why the complain? Besides, no matter how short the girls' skirt, I don't think I've seen any panty-shots. (maybe I forgot some scenes but if it doesn't even stuck in my head, it means it has little effect, no?)
    Love Hina-ish humor? If you intend to make the somewhat more original example, why don't use City Hunter instead? Kaori's 20-ton hammer that appear out of nowhere, at least Nami uses her own fist to do the job and at least Luffy is actually strong to take those hits. Though, I don't know if Oda-san forgot about this... after Buggy fight, Nami said she won't hit Luffy because it's no use to hit a rubber-man, so instead she poke him with needle.

    2;There used to be more storytelling than fighting before, ...
    Hrmm... was Alvida a lot story-telling? There was Coby in Alvida's ship, Luffy came and kicked her arse, end of story. Morgan? Luffy came around, met this swordman, informed that he's a nice guy because he saved a kid from fox, and then Luffy challenged Morgan. He won and recruited the swordman, end of story. Compared to later arc? Come on now.
    Btw, DBZ anime is a different case to the manga. Goku's screaming to get into Super Saiya 3 take some episodes isn't really something I'd love to see, but his transformation in manga was quite a shock that time.

    3;Enemies are turning to friends. It all started with Vivi, then Nico Robin Franky, Paulie Iceburg etc.etc . ...
    Try Sakigake! Otokojuku! manga (kinda old and hard to find though). Every single, and yes I repeat EVERY single enemy turned into ally, even the deads were ressurected in following arcs resulting nobody dies even after numerous bloody and deathly tournaments. But since it was meant to be hillarious, fine.
    DBZ... the only villain that turned into ally were Vegeta and Piccolo (and aren't they becoming top most favourite characters in DBZ?). And they weren't just instantly turned into ally. Piccolo allied himself the first time because he just don't see possibility to win the fight against Raditz on his own. He even had intention to turn little Gohan into evil and would probably stayed evil if there wasn't any monstrous enemy from outer space. Vegeta... he's just being there to surpass Kakarot, and situations made him fight the same enemy. Rather than ally, I'd rather call him a rival.

    4;The introduction of Gear 2 and 3 marked the end of what used to be the best anime. Just like Goku Luffy reached a new hight of strength, just out of nowhere.
    What's so bad about inventing technique to maximize the DF power? As Croc said, only a fool would be pleased with the raw power without trying to extend the ability. Though at first I thought it's only like Super-Saiya thing, but I like how it's explained.
    Or you prefer Luffy to somehow defeat major enemies with his lesser strength relying solely to his vow?

    5;The stories are getting a bit repetitive. ...
    This is pirate adventure story, and if free-ing islands from evil-doers is bad, then what do you expect SHs do? Participating in seasonal tournament in Island A, investigating murder in Island B, etc?
    At the very least OP still hasn't been trapped in "tournament" theme.
    What I like about villains in OP is that they're true evil. They have no whatsoever good reason about being evil, they're just evil and make no attempt to get sympathy.

    6;In the early arcs Lufffy went on an adventure to find One Piece and become the pirate king...
    You don't expect him to scream it everytime, do you? Luffy still mentioned it to Kokoro, he claimed it when fighting Enel, and he said it boldly in the final round against Crocodile. How can you get the idea that he has already forgotten about it?

    A bit off-topic, but seriously, despite of what you dislike about DBZ, do you really need to bash manga written way back when stories weren't as varied as current days; maybe even before you were born? And if there was no DB, you won't have OP and perhaps even some shounens whose artist were DB fan when they were a kid. It was fresh in its time, it's just not fair to judge it to today's standard.

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    What bothers me the most with fanservice is that if it wasn't necessary before, then why is it now. Nami used to have a decent sized breasts and then they suddenly became massive. Were boys starting to lose their interest or what? And don't give me that "Nami isn't a child anymore" -thing because that surely isn't the reason. Maybe Oda just wanted to change his style... and that's fine with me if there are curvy women but he wouldn't have needed to make their breasts THAT huge.

    Now somebody will say that girls got Franky who's only wearing speedo, but sorry... I don't find that sexy at all. Zoro instead is HOT with his new outfit but I liked his old outfit too. Sanji is cool just the way he is with that black suit. I don't want to see him to start showing more skin. In overall I prefer if men have their clothes on and they aren't just acting like machos showing their muscles.

    BUT actually (like somebody said in one other thread) fanservice in OP isn't so bad because they don't tend to use panty shots or some other crap like that... and camera angles aren't actually showing their breasts and ass all the time.
    If fanservice in OP really annoys somebody so much, it's actually rather easy to ignore.
    After all... I don't mind it so much but I surely give more respect to OP's early style.
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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    I think the points about the villains getting stronger each arc and the fight scenes taking over the plot is debatable...

    Assuming that you're just referring to Crocodile, Lucchi and Enel, then I don't think there's really that big of a difference between their strength.
    It's no question that the manga hypes them up as a new powerful villain that Luffy needs to overcome every arc, but I think that's established more through the differences in how they fight than actual raw power.

    And I sort of agree on the plot VS fight scene thing. It was kinda like that during Skypiea and Davy Back, but Water 7/Enies Lobby balanced it out a lot better in my opinion.

    Also, if you're going to stop following it if Luffy gets any more crew members, why are you still following it now?
    Not that I agree with the "if you're dissatisfied, stop watching" mentality, but unless Oda retcons the bit he said about his crew, it's confirmed that he is going to get more members.

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    In the name of less hypocricy, I declare than anyone who has nothing better to say than "if you don't like the story, don't read/watch it" shall not say anything. This applies to all threads. It does get old, insults people's intelligence and profits nothing.

    Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. - Frank Zappa

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    Hahah, you're wrong.

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    I like the show AS LONG AS LUFFY does not go into GEAR4 >.> be stupid

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    Quote Originally Posted by Private Zulen
    Hahah, you're wrong.
    Haha, if you don't have anything useful to say, don't post.

    Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. - Frank Zappa

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    One piece's fanservice isn't that extravagant. Japanese people, by nature, are perverts (And that's not so much a stereotype as it is a generalization. It doesn't apply to everyone).

    Look at To Love Ru. That is epitome of Fanservice. Hell, there's more fanservice in Tenchi Muyo than there is in One Piece. Even the GOD of manga/anime, Leiji Matsumoto, had fanservice in his multiple series. And that series was done in the 1970's.

    Until One Piece becomes Lupin III or To Love Ru, we have nothing to worry about.

    As for villians becoming allies, none of the One Piece villains really have helped the Strawhats. Robin was a villian because she didn't know the strawhats from Adam. To her, they were another group of pirates. When they saw who they were and their purpose, she went out her way to help them. The whole reason Water 7 happened was because Robin developed feelings for all of the Strawhats during their travels. If she didn't care about the Strawhats, she could have just gone right out and said, "I'm handing you over to the government, you guys are boned. Goodbye." Call CP9, Marines, everyone gets arrested.

    As for Kuzan, he's still villian. Same with Smoker. They're still Marines. They're just a little more intelligent than some others and aren't blindly following orders. They're still doing their job, just in their own way.
    I called it wrong, so long ago. I guess this needs to be changed.

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    1;The amount of fanservice in the anime are getting bigger and bigger. Untill Little Garden arc there wasn´t any fanservice at all. But now Nami`s boobs are getting bigger for every episode, the skirts are getting shorter (not only Nami`s ) and the women arew getting hotter. And some of the humour is really kind of Love Hina-ish. (Like everytime Nami gets angry and beats up Luffy).
    She's always done that, and "in the anime" means it isn't really One Piece thats going downhill.

    2;There used to be more storytelling than fighting before, but ever since the start of Skypiea the stories have been worse than before, and the fighting is taking more and more of the screen time. It kind of reminds me of DragonBall which really was good until the fighting scenes got more and more of the screen time.
    The Davy Back Fight arc was really meaningless, it was probably the worst arc and 95% of the arc was fighting.
    Nearly every arc has had proprtionatly long combat.
    Little Garden/Whiskey Peak/ and all the East Blue arcs (excluding Arlong) were mostly fighting.
    Water7 was nearly 5 straight volumes of non-combat.
    The Davy Back Fight had ONE real fight.

    3;Enemies are turning to friends. It all started with Vivi, then Nico Robin Franky, Paulie Iceburg etc.etc . This is the DragonBall-syndrome. You are losing steam, the stories aren`t as good anymore so let the former enemies turn into friends and/or nakama, and increase the amount of fighting in the series.
    Paulie and Iceburg were never villains.
    Vivi was dealt with in that regard in Vol.13 meaning it happend in pretty much the first fourth of the series so far.
    Robin was hardly a normal enemy, mostly standing around smirking.
    And Franky was a bandit caracter, not a real villain either.

    4;The introduction of Gear 2 and 3 marked the end of what used to be the best anime. Just like Goku Luffy reached a new hight of strength, just out of nowhere.
    It was explained through standard Rubber tendencies, and he didn't reach any new level of strength. Gear 2 was a speed up, and Gear 3 was just limb expanding.

    5;The stories are getting a bit repetitive. Nami "betrayed" her friends in the Arlong arc, just like Nico Robin "betrayed" the Straw Hats. And in every main arc the crew has to save and island either from an evil leader (Axe-Hand Morgan, Arlong, Enel), or someone who´s nice in the eye of the public but actually is evil (som of the people in Galley-La Company, Sir Crocodile).
    And you havn't gotten over this yet? That was apparent in the first fourth.

    6;In the early arcs Lufffy went on an adventure to find One Piece and become the pirate king, but now it seems like he`s forgotten his goal, and the story has turned into yet another good-vs-evil/nakama/action-anime.
    What the hell makes you say that?

    Copnclusion; The anime is still entertaining, but it seems like it has reached its top. Which is sad because I really love this anime, but after 7 years of OP its really no wonder Oda is running out of original stories, and thus has to repeat himself.
    Oda repeated his basic arc structure within year 1.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zazen
    Well, yeah The arcs between Arabasta arc and Water7 were terrible all of them. Skypieas plot was really bad, and pretty much meaningless. Davy Back Fight was just stupid, the best part of it was when they met Aokiji, but thats only an episode of the DBF.
    Jaya was incredible, very central to the series development.
    If you say that Luffy's pirate ascension is going out of focus, his mirroring of Shanks during it should be exactly what you want.
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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    1;Skypiea. Probably the worst arc in the whole series, I was waiting for it to end. There was no real plot at all, just some random fighting. Skypiea arc had no relevanse to the ain theme in OP.
    I hear it was horribly paced in the anime, try reading the source material before doing these judgements of its core.
    Not to mention Skypiea was the first pure adventure arc in the series.

    Then after Skypiea we get the Davy Back Fight, again an arc with a pointless plot which again had nothing to do with the main story in OP.
    Know you nothing of storytelling?
    It was essential to have downtime between two heavy big arcs. Itwas a brief flare of fun, that helped clear the pallete.

    2;During the Baroque Works saga the fanservice all started. Namis outfight got sexier and sexier, she acted like a slut and her face has changed radically. She now can fit in any fanservice anime like Love Hina or Full Metal Panic. But it wasn`t only Nami that was "sexy" soon Vivi joined the crew and later the Straw Hats got i 7th member whom wasn`t weird at all neither outwardly or inwardly. Nico Robin is another character who`s face could just fit in any fanservice anime.
    Thats of course true if you ignore the personalities thing.

    I used to love early One Piece for the wird characters and the weird drawings, but now only Usopp and Luffy are "weird" and thats just too bad.
    Than isn't that your problem? Not the series?
    You set specific expectations, no wonder your dissapointed.

    3;The fighting scenes are lasting longer, and longer and longer. If it continues this way will have fighting scenes that last for an arc or two.....
    I repeat...

    Buggy, Kuro, Kreig, Whiskey Peak, Little Garden.
    All mostly fighting.
    Thats most of the first half of the series.

    I promise you I will quit watching the show as soon as we got another arc that`s just as bad as Skypiea an if Luffy goes into gear 4, then it`s bye bye for good.
    READ it first.

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    didn't there outfits change to fit into the culture and the weather during alabasta aswell

    oh and the Gears didn't come out of nowhere unless you say that EVERY Gomu Gomu thing used the entire series through came out of nowhere

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    Yes, I suppose Aladdin was full of fan-service?

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    I'm going to say the Davy back fight shows how the world is in One Piece. As someone before said:

    If you're in a world full of goddamn pirates you expect something weird. Especially if Oda is doing it.

    EDIT: I'm going to watch how this turns out. BRING IN THE ALDRICH CANNON!

    Also, the Nami and Robin "betraying" thing was utter BS. No, really, it was.

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL


    1)The Story is Great its better than Naruto BECAUSE i saw everthing coming without reading the manga like sasuke leaving,In the fillers got stupid and boring with One Piece lets see the declaring war DID NOT KNOW that was coming i thouhgt he was burning the flag for Fun LOL you can call me stupid if you want to for that remark there... XD and the Fillers Are way Fun in One Piece like my fave lost memory that was good.

    2) Ok repetive-ness hmmmm.. everyone would like to see fight sceanes but think about it if it was fights ALL the time it would be A BORING ANIME! and helping people umm.. thats gonna be in every anime post more later


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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    I see Gear2 and Gear3 is not as strong as it seems, in fact has blatant weaknesses that Lucci was able to take advantage of. It looks more like Luffy was experimenting on new techniques (like Rokushiki), and it shows that he is observant and intelligent enough to come up them. those are definitely not new power levels like Saiyajin or Bankai blindly are ... sudden sudden explosion in brute power.

    I like fights, but One Piece fights always comes along with great background stories and flashbacks, thus supporting the motivation of the fights. Also of development new techniques*. if they dun fight, how are they to overcome the odds. longer fights means that no matter how strong the antagonists gets, there'll always people who are equally as strong or smart to stretch their fight.

    as for arcs, just think of it as great adventures, sorta like reading Gulliver's travels or Journey to the center of the earth.

    just what i think. :)
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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    This is NOT suffering from DBZ syndrome when fights would last the entire length of an arc. Don't get swept up in paranoia.

    And it's not as if One Piece is choking on fanservice. Robin's face fit to be in any fanserive-filled anime? She's just pretty that's all. That doesn't mean she's a phat, dirty ho.


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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    If you think that the current Nico Robin and Nami are fanservice, just look at how dojinshi artists handle them.

    "In the event of the Going Merry sinking, your breasts may be used as a floatation device."

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    Face =/= Fanservice. Unless it has naughty bits on it.

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    1. Fanservice.... if bigger breast is a big problem, then other animes that shows the panty, showing the breast..etc is what? Huge Problem?

    2. Skypiea, Davy Back Fight....... so what if it doesn't have relevance to the main theme of One Piece......... when you write a story, do you just write all the main points and end it? Imagine Lord of the Rings without it's "side quests".......the author won't need several hundreds of pages, he probably only need like what? 2 pages to finish the story...... like The Fellowship began their journey to Mordor, reached Mordor, fight Sauron's army, Frodo manages to reach the volcano, fight with Smeagol, drops ring into the volcano...etc THE END. that's a very fast story....... I am sure if Oda wants to do a one-shot, he probably would have draw Romance Dawn v3.
    When you tell a story, doesn't mean you will have to follow the main theme so STRICTLY....... people will get bored when the mentioned of "We are going to Raftel to find One Piece" in every chapter, in every conversation, in every storyarc.......... when you tell a story, you create something like a roadblock to ease people's mind from the main plot, then make a small linked back to the main plot to get people's interest back...........

    3. Enemies becoming friends......
    I don't see what the fuss this is about? Not everyone that is branded a villian is evil... are you assuming that? Robin the one good case for it..... before she met the mugiwaras, she was with other pirates crews.... they are are bad people or doing evil stuff......... but when she got to know the mugiwaras, something in her rekindled...... like she saw "hope".......
    fate is something that you can really explain......... when two people meet, something might or might not happen.... if it happens, then these two people might change....... is that something bad? you tell me...

    4. Gear 2 and Gear 3....
    Luffy is bound to get stronger...... but how? he can't be using the same moves at the same base level he was using in his previous fight...... Aokiji totally creamed him........ why can't he get stronger after that? are you hoping he will be getting stronger still using his base level power?
    the whole point of Luffy's talk about getting stronger is "TO GET STRONGER".
    so, if Gear 2 and 3 are not what you have in mind, then please give some alternatives.
    before this whole Gear 2 and 3 stuff came out, I was already pondering about other alternatives and before the "you cannot eat 2 devil fruit" comes out..... I was pondering about Luffy's upgrade....
    1. eat another devil fruit (render useless now)
    2. get a weapon (wishful thinking)
    3. learn a technique from someone that he mets and helped.
    4. his rubber body touched some weird stuff and gets a reaction.
    5. actual training, train together with Zoro.
    6. timeskip like Narutard..... training arc....

    so, what is your idea if you think Gear 2 and Gear 3 sucks?

    5. repeat storyline....
    I find this very minimal..... Oda has more original stuff than I would expect.....

    6. please read no. 2
    Pro-Main Cast Evangelist. In Oda We Trust. TheJackAss Crew. AMC = Anti-main Cast. Luffy x Nami.

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    Default Re: 6 signs that One Piece is going DOWNHILL

    I enjoy Skypiea, because they going after treasure for once. and Luffy wanted to help that guy in Jaya who was trying to prove Sky Island does exist.

    that is kinda of dumb that you won't watch One piece anymore. just because they would get a new crew member.

    I think Oda has a meaning to each arc.

    Foxy arc was to prove that Luffy would never give up his crew member
    is one example. some see Foxy arc as a pointless arc, but I enjoy it also

    that's my opinion

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